Once dark forces surrounded humanity, now humanity surrounds the dark forces.

Lin Wood invited us to the party when he retweeted the article Judgement day for the highest corrupt Republicans and Democrats in the USA.

Then Twitter took the account and article down. Now watch what is going to happen.

A bit of stardust (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*✲゚*。⋆and Putin, Xi and Trump are on the same team.

It takes some fiddling and puzzling to get humanity ready to accept a much more comfortable reality than this world of conscience was used to. The war machines and weapons of mass destruction and violence are losing power rapidly and beyond repair. So fast it is still difficult for the peoples of China, Russia and America to realize they find themselves on the same team of freedom. Are Trump, Putin and Xi actually working together?

Old and obsolete operations are so much exposed, that it would be very easy to hunt down the political leaders of these countries. But in the transition and great awakening on earth it is exactly the opposite what will take place. We put these leaders on the same platform of freedom, peace and love for humanity. So powerful they can no longer attack each other. The US blaming China for the virus spread is such a poor judgement that it will backfire so intensely making fools out of everyone claiming it.

Why would humanity have to live on a planet where people, countries, communities and societies keep each other hostage with heavy lethal equipment pointing towards each other. It does not make sense only to a fearful mind and countries ruled by fear. And that is exactly where people have kept each other. In fear, separation and division. Not needed anymore and beyond expiration date. It is an old idea that wars will lead to more freedom for one or another.

As stated before the power given to paper, specifically money and generally to all other as contracts, patents, bookkeeping, constitutions and laws are losing power similar to the power given to lethal weapons. The question arises, can we live without our laws and our constitution? Well the laws and constitution we live by brought fear, war, insecurity and suffering. The question is if you want to stay in it? Do not worry as freedom and universal right, human rights, mother earth and God will always give life to those who chose freedom, peace and love. There is no doubt in it.

And here the patent of a launchable unit including a warhead for generating non-nuclear electro magnetic pulses and a thermobaric warhead without dangerous fragments.

The proof that Americans, Chinese and Russians have access to the same technology of extreme war machines. The same is for nuclear weapons, the technology is out in the open it is only about keeping each other hostage against using them based on fear. And this power is not working anymore. Everyone will be asking what do we need weapons for? The publication brings it in the light and therefore make it not able to use. because the opponent potentially has a stronger version out of access to the same ´secret´ technology. It is hard to understand but some stuff has to be exposed in order to disappear.

Is it not amazing how less of war is raging in these times of transition. People shout at each other, throw some bottles and attack verbally, but real violence and killing between countries and communities not much, less than ever before.

The implementation of a raging ´fake´ pandemic is the last try to bring people under control and obedience, but it is failing miserably. It is not working. The pandemic is stirred by fear and control and has nothing to do with the prove of a virus going round. A virus going round and Western civilization Tyranny are two different things.

Here an extended thread of scientists, doctors, nurses allover the world who can no longer follow the narrative of the pandemic. An unstoppable force and it will only gain power.

Only a clean sweep of domestic and inner corruption will do. Warmongering and war is futile.

God bless!

What if the Matrix you live in, is more real than the movie?

No one can deny the fakeness and trickery of reality they live in at this moment, now the world slowly gets used to their new dimensions. If living in a matrix, the realization that reality was confined by boundaries given by government, Big Tech and Main Stream Media, becomes reality now, then what was the reality surrounding the Matrix?

If you realize this, you have to go back all traces of civilization and correct all possible outcomes which you assumed reality until now. Therefore past becomes a reality which is not fixed. The perception of past disappears as a fixed reality, so does time and memory.

Trump is the perfect example of someone who finds himself in the middle of two realities. The old one, dominated by mind and population control and the new one with super stuff like time traveling, space traveling, telepathy, free energy (realize everything surrounding the sun enjoys and gets the Sun energy for free, except humans, they made a pay scheme out of it, to squeeze each other to sell the idea life is miserable without money), zero gravity, consciousness swopping and much much more, like the dismantling of all nuclear weapons on earth.

Human conscience is entering a new or bigger dimension. At this moment the primitive reality is struggling to keep up with the new one. You almost feel sorry for all those who can not keep up. But you can also see it as a big show. They make one big drama out of an almost non lethal futile virus. And Trump is running out of enemies FBI, DOJ, China, Russia, SC they all left the stage. Trump will end up in an arena without an opponent fighting only himself. The era of competition, division, war, separation and conflict is over.

Everyone can now make a joke out of it and play with the American competitive attitude like a rag doll. But if you make the mistake of considering yourself to be the best then you end up in the same position.

Like this video below which demonstrates how foreign Chinese entities bribed Biden and all big players in American governance into full control. The proof that a Matrix reality exists for Westerners who thought they were on top of the food chain. If these foreign entities claim they have taken the power and now control the US population, exactly the same will happen to them. You can already say the Chinese Communist Party is part of the old reality as is US governance, wait for it and enjoy another nice show of crumbling powers of money.

There is no space for doubt, argumentation or negotiation left. Either you go in and experience the full power and glory of multidimensional universal life or conscience including given limitations of oppression, pain and suffering dies with you.  

The last convulsion of the US war machine is the launch of the Space force video. Looking for an enemy again but now in outer space. So funny they stand no chance. In space you are defenseless especially with these primitive war tools technology.

Thw whole concept of competition and war is man made and part of primitve society on earth and yes ants fighting termites is part of this same primitive dimensions. This does not mean that live does not exist without competition and war, of course it does exist. Everybody happy and no possession like the fake entities of the Great Reset want to claim.

Love you all and enjoy the show!

Trump and America played with like a rag doll

A mass is held at a Catholic church on Hongfeng Road, Shanghai on Christmas Eve, December 24, 2018. Photo: Yang Hui/GT

American politics and the fight for freedom is becoming a miserable display of foolishness, arrogance and ignorance and Trump is about to be absorbed and get all the blame to be the representation of it.

China’s state-run Global Times gushed Wednesday 23 of December, that foreign-born Christians are celebrating Christmas freely in China thanks to its amazingly effective coronavirus response, thankful they are not trapped in the hellish, virus-riddled Western nations where the holiday season is filled with lockdowns and fear, Breaitbart news states.

As already stated on 22 November China never called the virus outbreak a pandemic and kept their society free from Western fear, panic and Tyrannical oppression. Leaving America outsmarted and entrapped in their own greed for power, money and war. Not even realizing their nuclear arsenal is out of order, dismantled. Now even a Coronavirus bill to save people from poverty, the lack of food and to save an economy beyond repair is not going to make it. No one knows who wrote the bill, no one knows exactly what is in it, who gets the money and no one knows why the bill keeps changing because the American government lost the digital control of the portals towards it. A guy in China or Russia or Italy can change the document at their own preferences.

This is exactly what goes for all politics in the world. You will see the world of money is in the mode of self-destruction, without a way back and it will take anyone depending on money with it. The power of greed given to pieces of paper. So eagerly that the paper can no longer hold the power. Any paper! Any declaration, agreement, patent, bookkeeping, legislation will lose its power woldwide.

Even if Trump wins the election war, infested with the biggest election fraud in the history of mankind, turning America in the biggest corrupt democracy of the world surpassing Venezuela, Russia, Bolivia, Iran, China, Ukraine, Belarus and all other countries they ever blamed of corruption combined. Then still Trump has to face a completely bogus fake pandemic hoax which completely destroyed all trust of Western civilization population. He will be blamed for the deaths, he will be blamed for the side effects of a warp speed vaccine and he will be blamed for the destruction of family life and livelihood through lockdowns. We offered Trump help and we will be offering him help. It is up to Americans how they want to live. In pain or in freedom.

First they tried to blame the Chinese for the virus outbreak only to come to realization a futile virus was the ignition of all fear, suppression, warmongering and fake money power control causing the destruction of the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Americans have no idea in what snake pit they got themselves into.

Only to realize together they built the biggest enslavement and suppression of future generations, children and every newborn by creating debt society. The proof that Westerners could only live in their fake wealth as long as they could give the bill and the enforced labor to their own children.

The good part is, there is no escape longer for these dark energies. All comes out, every stone will be turned. The light will shine on all of it. And therefore it is a great show to watch and we are just getting started.

Dear Americans and all people living in Western civilization societies and all people on the planet.

It is time to wake up! The ones who wake up go free into eternity, the ones who stay asleep and keep fighting will get the, pain, suffering and enslavement.

As Biden say: This country (US) is doomed and not just because of African Americans…

Now everyone knows where all the Black Lives Matter money went, again walked into their own money trap.

How to peacefully and lovingly say goodbye to your Corona Nazi friends.

Dear Friend,

The world of conscience is splitting in two. On the one hand, people who are willing to subject society to restrictions in order to contain a virus, and on the other, people who do not want to be muzzled and for whom freedom of movement counts as an individual, human, natural, fundamental and constitutional right, that can not be violated by any authority. Trusting and realizing humanity itself has the ability to overcome diseases and act upon it accordingly. Like in China when they are ill, people wear a mask to protect others. Zero authority, mandate or order is involved, it is a natural, social and free decision of behavior.

Sometimes in case of emergency some panic behavior can lead to violations of these rights in order to save family and livelihood. This was the first response with the Covid-19 viral outbreak. Driven by fear and panic spreading through Western main stream media. Now even less lethal mutated strains of the virus are used for the extension and intensifying of confinement and restrictions in our Western civilization. The ones who chose the path of fear, panic and suppression will find themselves on the slippery slope of it.

Clearly the two camps will not be coming together anymore. We have met each other in this life in a separation of conscience. I feel very strongly that I cannot line up my world with yours. In the world as you see it, in your support for ever increasing restrictions of freedom, face coverings also for children, limitations of free speech, of gathering and of movement through communities, I don’t feel free, uncomfortable, can´t breathe freely and can’t thrive. I will always move away from boundaries put up by others and find new ways, where restrictions crumble and in which I can go as a human being to be with my God given freedom.

That is why a goodbye is inevitable. Unconditional love always lasts. I stick to where we could complement each other and where this split in our society was not yet final.

I know how connected you are with Mother Nature, just think of the birds that fly from East to West Berlin and the sheep here in the meadows who don’t wear a face mask. You will always find me in that direction.

I’ll be visiting you for a cup of tea in the coming days.

Good on ya, and in much love, you good old crook!

Dear Mr. President Donald J. Trump, now its time for you to listen.

Now your nukes have been dismantled. Your Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo mistakenly called out the Russians for the SolarWinds hack. Yourself entrapped by the Chinese Communist party after calling them out for being responsible for the Covid spread leading to a fake pandemic. Crippling the whole of Western civilization and turning our societies into fascist states. You thought maybe the Warp Speed vaccine would halt the enforcement of Tyranny but the opposite is true. Lockdowns and muzzling has only increased and this will get worse if not acted upon this message.

Your opponent Joe Biden, turning out to be the biggest corrupt politician in the US that even CNN is turning against him and his son. Your predecessor Obama´s war regime bombing weddings. As if love would not exist in the Middle East. Helping to install The Islamic State terror, causing countries like Syria and Iraq blown to pieces and let Hillary Clinton betray, sacrifice and abandon an US ambassador and his military guard leaving Libya in civil war. Operating from behind the curtain with a fake impeachment to get you ousted and to cover up their own crimes.

While realizing the US supreme court can not uphold the constitution anymore. Running an election infested with fraud. You are quite against the wall so this is potential position in which things can change rapidly for the good. Therefore we ask you a favor. And we are with millions. We all see that you have stopped wars and exposed the evil corruption in your country. We offered you our help on many occasions and through multiple channels, even though we hold the logs that you and your team are reading our messages, you have refused to interact until now. I offer you this opportunity again and will keep doing so. And trust me you will need help, it is not a warning it is an offer. You will see. Now I have three requests to make.

1. Call off the fake pandemic of Covid, it will end the 2020 civil war in the US! Do it NOW!!! Many Americans already doing so as we speak, don’t be late on your own party! If not, the vulnerable, patriots and allies suffer from it.

2. Contact Putin, he is expecting your call.

3. Ask your son to stop trophy hunting. * (nothing personal Don)

* There is no problem with hunting when one has to protect family and livelihood against attacks from wild animals. There is also no problem to hunt for food when alternative resources are scarce. But Trophy Hunting can stop now. The necessity of meat intake is heavily overrated. Being a good woman or man is not measurable by the success rate of hunting animals. You can stop him now, not necessary and gives a bad example to other children. Children enslaved and imprisoned in a debt society which ends.

Happy Birthday Pola the video is for you and for you Sebastian.

Ignoring this message will make your political career and the life of patriots fighting for freedom more difficult and painful. Light comes from all directions. Up, down, left, right, inner and outer.

For the rest no worries fascism, communism and capitalism comes to an end this year.

God bless and thanks for playing.

Trump outsmarted by the Chinese. New York Times on similar wrong narrative

Trump just asked all American patriots to fight for him, but that is going to be a bit difficult when the administration keeps going a fake pandemic. You can not ask people to fight against a fake enemy, it will exhaust them as it already does. I am afraid the Chinese have outsmarted the Americans. The Chinese were not so eager and never followed the WHO call to pandemic.

I am sorry Nigel Farage but have you seen what is going on in Great Brittain? Have you seen the insanity, paranoid and mental breakdown of your own government? It is hard to blame that on the Chinese who are partying in Wuhan and never called a pandemic.

Regarding the Deep State, MSM, Big Tech and liberals, one can definitely chose to be on the Trump side. The time that CIA operatives, US bombings and corrupt American politicians ruled the world is to an end now SolarWinds defused the United States nuclear arsenal.

You know that Trump is in hot water, when the New York Times is going for the same narrative to not lose face and blame the Chinese for downplaying their Covid statistics. Wait till the world finds out collapsing Western civilization was pimping and upgrading their Covid numbers to keep a fake crisis going to control the population and destroy many financial, political and social lives.

Enjoy the show, it is a freak one!

Trump freedom and patriotism is not lost he just has to connect. Did he not called it a HOAX before? May God bless Trump also when he makes a mistake.

Bonus video for fakery.