The Matrix explained.

In France for example the government reinstates mandatory mask wearing. This muzzling is only for interacting and traveling within the structures of the Matrix. Outside the Matrix this muzzling does not apply and never will. Like animals experience or living in nature, this is not limited within these structures of failed society. It never was and never will. Because the structures and limitations of the Matrix have become more visible to the masses, more and more people have started to operate beyond and outside these structures. For example in a communist or fascist country sooner or later too many people start to function outside of the boundaries, they are often considered criminals, mentally disabled, autists, etc. In order to maintain and catch everyone within the boundaries of society or Matrix, structures and limitations have to be reinforced in order for the Matrix to survive. But even that has limitations, because people can simply not function and survive any longer, the design starts to show characteristics of self destruction and deterioration. The design has met its own limitations of implementation. The result can only be implosion, tyranny, self destruction and an overall collapse. And that is exactly what we see in our Western society right now. Financially, socially, scientifically and politically Western civilization is crumbling faster than the designed timeframe in which it was constructed. Therefore timeframes can no longer be used to correct or divert the cause. The pendulum swings and at the peak of Western civilization it becomes obvious it has ended. Introducing a pandemic as the last try to capture humanity within the structures of a failed construct, shows exactly that humanity can not be caught. Everywhere there are initiatives and people jumping ship. Even the operators and handlers of society come to the same conclusion and start to warn people that the end is near. They invent great disasters to activate fear amongst the people, because all are moving into the unknown where contemporary structures no longer exist and therefore can not be used. They know they will be considered responsible and start to fear for their lives. But no one is responsible everyone carries self responsibility in order to balance out. The wish to prosecute the people responsible for authority disappears when someone realizes to have self inflicted the conviction of being a slave in society.

From a God perspective we can clearly see that de flaws of society, the false creation of limitations and boundaries to live, come to surface. Everyone can see who the operators in society are, like bankers and politicians and that their structures are only good to them but not for the masses. Then the masses can clearly see they can easily walk out of this construct and live outside of the Matrix and then there are the same masses who can not see there is live before and beyond the structures of the Matrix and they become subjects, identities or numbers to maintain the functioning of failed society. But society has failed or has become obsolete and therefore they become self destructive. One of the outcomes of self destruction is mass abortion, gender modification, mass sterilization and DNA altering vaccinations in order to reinstate a life of fear and stay submissive towards the crumbling society.

God has reached the ultimate perspective on freedom realization. False operators of society or slave keepers are exposed. The ones who are already functioning outside of the Matrix get confirmation that they can function within the Matrix as well as outside of the Matrix. Like mass vaccinations, even though it was advertised as mandatory, never it was possible to bring all of humanity into the scheme. like around 80% of the African continent have not submitted to mass vaccination. And then God has given people the self determination to self destruction in order to take away the chance of blaming any other than one self for self inflicted harm and destruction. God goes free and shows why he goes free and gives everyone the equal opportunity or chance of self realization in order to experience this freedom equally.

So nothing is lost. Life just moves into new dimensions outside of the limitations of a designed society. A society or civilization is already limited in order to implement or live by. It can be experienced as helpful and useful for the ones who consider themselves operators and or for the ones who like to live within a set of borders. Anyhow sooner or later the masses can no longer function and or survive and they come up with new structures and designs to live by. The operators fear that they will lose all their power and control and therefore reinforce and design even more limitations for the slaves to live by. But by realizing this they already lost the power and control. Humanity simply can not be controlled. No dictate or dictator has ever enforced a structure for society which was been able to submit the whole of humanity. There is no one to blame and no on has to suffer when it is realized.

The nice part of self realization or the awareness of function outside as well as inside a Matrix or mind construct so to say, is that one can function within boundaries and outside of the boundaries. It is very simple to function within a Matrix without being limited by the limitations which are part of the structure. Because as soon as limitations are met, one realizes that outside of the construct, the limitations do not apply and one simply experiences life without these limitations. You go inside of an airplane with a mask and then one goes in nature without a mask. For vaccinating its the same. One vaccinates in order to survive in the Matrix but one goes without vaccinating and survives outside of the Matrix. Self realization means one can operate within a Matrix and outside of the Matrix or thought construct so to say. The matrix just simply is a thought construct. In case of Western civilization a thought construct which has convinced big masses in order to live by. With social media and digitalization of thought patterns, masses have been indoctrinated to accept conditions and standards to live by, even though every one is aware, either in their sub consciousness, it can not survive. The last step of self realization is to realize that the Matrix, is in the end, a design or construct of ones self own imagination or thought pattern. Humanity has always been so connected as one, that these mind constructs can easily be passed on to others until one sees it has become pure indoctrination of an imaginary fake reality. At the peak of Western civilization the conviction that everyone should receive an injection in order to participate in public life. Even when the substance of the injection is completely unknown by most, alien to the body and a result of laboratory experimenting part of a conviction or religion so to say. Never ever there was consensus these vaccinations are good for humanity. The only consensus which does apply is that mass vaccinating has to be implemented in order for the Matrix to survive and society to continue. The proof is in the pudding, The Matrix collapses and as an inevitable result, mass vaccination has done more harm than good. All propagandist for mandatory vaccination are in a constant mode of defending and denying the complete collapse of conviction and implementation.

Enjoy the freedom.