This is the power of love

It is becoming quite obvious that so many of us have been dragging on our pain, fear and frustrations as associates of love

In this Telegram channel,, you will find the freedom to drop your pain, fear and frustrations only to come to realization you can not keep on identifying love with these negative emotions and feelings. These emotions are perhaps true, but can not be connected with love forever. As love is free and nothing of these emotions will stick. In this channel you will meet a large group of lightworkers, angels and lovers in support of you, to help you separating your conditioned behavior of connecting your negative emotions to your experiences in love. It is not love, it is an identity being dragged along.

Don’t be afraid it is you only, we all have to transcend this. It is obvious together we have created a society of fear and separation, now only together we will reverse this and leave it aside. Here and now, we have an oppertunity for ourselves to see we can not longer be the ones trying to infuse the life of ourselves and others with pain and suffering under the disguise of love. It does not work any longer, not for you and not for others. We are here to reflect this to you and assist you in letting go of it. No one is going to do it for you, we are doing it with you. As only the ones who have done the same, who had to make similar steps to overcome this, know what this is. One is not further than the other in admitting we have smeared love in sake of preserving and protecting negative identities.

It is inevitable humanity has reached the point of no return. The ones who keep fighting, deny, ignore and be arrogant about it, will pull their ever shrinking environment towards self destruction and discomfort. We are here for you and we are with many. We will reach together straight to the core of being right into the heart. This is the Power of Love. Please join this channel and spread this link. If you are a lightworker, use this channel!

If you are suffering love you can drop your feelings and emotions here in this channel and together we look a it and take care of it. Also you can bring in someone else into this channel who just needs this extra motivation or encouragement into the depths of masculine freedom, encompassing the true nature of feminine love as both have their origin within us. See the submission and obedience towards identified suffering and surrender to love as it is here to take care of you.

This is the Power of Love.