Now comes the pain

The 20th of January the US Congress would like all Americans to cheer for their new elected fake President Joe Biden. Even himself saying he was elected with the help of the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics. Americans still consider themselves the greatest nation in the world? You think humanity is going to take him and the corrupt politicians serious?😁

A fake pandemic has brought the country to a lockdown and standstill of ordinary life. Nothing to worry when you see Western civilization was on a dead end anyway and it wakes up some folks to realize they are living in 1933 Germany state . Until you see, out of desperation, the Americans push in the biggest fraud in US history in the form of Joe Biden as being their new President. Fear is what is keeping Americans hiding behind a big mouth but exposed to the core of self destruction.

There was an illegal fake impeachment of Trump. Now the 2020 Elections show the biggest corruption in US history. The Chinese are buying all US bankrupt assets and farmland. The US nuclear arsenal is defused for the good of it, now one can see how powerless without the extortion tool of a nuclear threat. More than 400.000 children are missing in the US.

The despair, pain and suffering the Americans have caused in the world is now going to backfire straight into the core of power in the US and every American will experience the pain and downside of it. The country is up for grabs and so it will be.

Politics, there is much more freedom around it than there is in it, or will ever come out of it. If people would only knew how much love there is at hand. As Trump says: our incredible journey is only just beginning´. When you tell people that freedom exists they don’t believe you, only when you show them they are in the dark, there is a chance they see the light.

May humanity on this planet finally realize how much love, peace and freedom they are surrounded with. ❤️

wake up!

God bless and I love you.