US Capitol now the worlds snake pit of communists, fascists and dead end capitalists

What an event yesterday January the 6th 2021. It was just an awaiting for the crime to be committed. Americans slowly waking up to what their reign has meant to the world of freedom on this planet. For the first time we will see glimpses of self realization of what terror, violence, infestation, suppression, blackmail, extortion, torture, enslavement, abuse and killing has been the political agenda of the US since the assassination of JFK by the CIA in 1963.

Now the congress has elected their new fake President in the form of Biden, we will all realize how the Chinese Communist party has bribed itself into the oval office of the White House. Don’t worry this was already under the Obama Presidency, nothing new here. The Chinese are just surprised how easy it went. Don’t worry, the agenda of the Chinese Communist party is of less danger than the Deep State snake operatives which were controlling and suppressing the American people. The world is ready to toss these fake powers around and so it will be. The Russians have been warning for this moment for the last two decades. This is US fascism in full display, prepare yourselves the atrocities of tyranny, corruption and fascist powers in the US will come out the coming weeks and it is going to be ugly. Here you can read the end of debt society which has enslaved all children and new generations in the US. Fascism, communism and capitalism dies in the US Capitol, now the hart of evil forces on this planet. And so it will be. They are together at the same place and surrounded.

All atrocities brought to the world by evil forces in US politics will turn inwards. Just in time the US nuclear arsenal defused. Humanity has to wake up to the reality of how less they are threatened not how much, sheep no more, you are free now, always have been and always will be. Just watch a little less of CNN.

It is time for all the light forces around the world to hold hands and encircle the dark forces in the US Capitol and share love, light and peace. Light will expose all. Nothing can stop what is coming.

God bless.