A bit of stardust (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*✲゚*。⋆and Putin, Xi and Trump are on the same team.

It takes some fiddling and puzzling to get humanity ready to accept a much more comfortable reality than this world of conscience was used to. The war machines and weapons of mass destruction and violence are losing power rapidly and beyond repair. So fast it is still difficult for the peoples of China, Russia and America to realize they find themselves on the same team of freedom. Are Trump, Putin and Xi actually working together?

Old and obsolete operations are so much exposed, that it would be very easy to hunt down the political leaders of these countries. But in the transition and great awakening on earth it is exactly the opposite what will take place. We put these leaders on the same platform of freedom, peace and love for humanity. So powerful they can no longer attack each other. The US blaming China for the virus spread is such a poor judgement that it will backfire so intensely making fools out of everyone claiming it.

Why would humanity have to live on a planet where people, countries, communities and societies keep each other hostage with heavy lethal equipment pointing towards each other. It does not make sense only to a fearful mind and countries ruled by fear. And that is exactly where people have kept each other. In fear, separation and division. Not needed anymore and beyond expiration date. It is an old idea that wars will lead to more freedom for one or another.

As stated before the power given to paper, specifically money and generally to all other as contracts, patents, bookkeeping, constitutions and laws are losing power similar to the power given to lethal weapons. The question arises, can we live without our laws and our constitution? Well the laws and constitution we live by brought fear, war, insecurity and suffering. The question is if you want to stay in it? Do not worry as freedom and universal right, human rights, mother earth and God will always give life to those who chose freedom, peace and love. There is no doubt in it.

And here the patent of a launchable unit including a warhead for generating non-nuclear electro magnetic pulses and a thermobaric warhead without dangerous fragments. https://patents.google.com/patent/US8434412B2/en

The proof that Americans, Chinese and Russians have access to the same technology of extreme war machines. The same is for nuclear weapons, the technology is out in the open it is only about keeping each other hostage against using them based on fear. And this power is not working anymore. Everyone will be asking what do we need weapons for? The publication brings it in the light and therefore make it not able to use. because the opponent potentially has a stronger version out of access to the same ´secret´ technology. It is hard to understand but some stuff has to be exposed in order to disappear.

Is it not amazing how less of war is raging in these times of transition. People shout at each other, throw some bottles and attack verbally, but real violence and killing between countries and communities not much, less than ever before.

The implementation of a raging ´fake´ pandemic is the last try to bring people under control and obedience, but it is failing miserably. It is not working. The pandemic is stirred by fear and control and has nothing to do with the prove of a virus going round. A virus going round and Western civilization Tyranny are two different things.

Here an extended thread of scientists, doctors, nurses allover the world who can no longer follow the narrative of the pandemic. An unstoppable force and it will only gain power.


Only a clean sweep of domestic and inner corruption will do. Warmongering and war is futile.

God bless!