What if the Matrix you live in, is more real than the movie?

No one can deny the fakeness and trickery of reality they live in at this moment, now the world slowly gets used to their new dimensions. If living in a matrix, the realization that reality was confined by boundaries given by government, Big Tech and Main Stream Media, becomes reality now, then what was the reality surrounding the Matrix?

If you realize this, you have to go back all traces of civilization and correct all possible outcomes which you assumed reality until now. Therefore past becomes a reality which is not fixed. The perception of past disappears as a fixed reality, so does time and memory.

Trump is the perfect example of someone who finds himself in the middle of two realities. The old one, dominated by mind and population control and the new one with super stuff like time traveling, space traveling, telepathy, free energy (realize everything surrounding the sun enjoys and gets the Sun energy for free, except humans, they made a pay scheme out of it, to squeeze each other to sell the idea life is miserable without money), zero gravity, consciousness swopping and much much more, like the dismantling of all nuclear weapons on earth.

Human conscience is entering a new or bigger dimension. At this moment the primitive reality is struggling to keep up with the new one. You almost feel sorry for all those who can not keep up. But you can also see it as a big show. They make one big drama out of an almost non lethal futile virus. And Trump is running out of enemies FBI, DOJ, China, Russia, SC they all left the stage. Trump will end up in an arena without an opponent fighting only himself. The era of competition, division, war, separation and conflict is over.

Everyone can now make a joke out of it and play with the American competitive attitude like a rag doll. But if you make the mistake of considering yourself to be the best then you end up in the same position.

Like this video below which demonstrates how foreign Chinese entities bribed Biden and all big players in American governance into full control. The proof that a Matrix reality exists for Westerners who thought they were on top of the food chain. If these foreign entities claim they have taken the power and now control the US population, exactly the same will happen to them. You can already say the Chinese Communist Party is part of the old reality as is US governance, wait for it and enjoy another nice show of crumbling powers of money.

There is no space for doubt, argumentation or negotiation left. Either you go in and experience the full power and glory of multidimensional universal life or conscience including given limitations of oppression, pain and suffering dies with you.  

The last convulsion of the US war machine is the launch of the Space force video. Looking for an enemy again but now in outer space. So funny they stand no chance. In space you are defenseless especially with these primitive war tools technology.

Thw whole concept of competition and war is man made and part of primitve society on earth and yes ants fighting termites is part of this same primitive dimensions. This does not mean that live does not exist without competition and war, of course it does exist. Everybody happy and no possession like the fake entities of the Great Reset want to claim.

Love you all and enjoy the show!