Trump and America played with like a rag doll

A mass is held at a Catholic church on Hongfeng Road, Shanghai on Christmas Eve, December 24, 2018. Photo: Yang Hui/GT

American politics and the fight for freedom is becoming a miserable display of foolishness, arrogance and ignorance and Trump is about to be absorbed and get all the blame to be the representation of it.

China’s state-run Global Times gushed Wednesday 23 of December, that foreign-born Christians are celebrating Christmas freely in China thanks to its amazingly effective coronavirus response, thankful they are not trapped in the hellish, virus-riddled Western nations where the holiday season is filled with lockdowns and fear, Breaitbart news states.

As already stated on 22 November China never called the virus outbreak a pandemic and kept their society free from Western fear, panic and Tyrannical oppression. Leaving America outsmarted and entrapped in their own greed for power, money and war. Not even realizing their nuclear arsenal is out of order, dismantled. Now even a Coronavirus bill to save people from poverty, the lack of food and to save an economy beyond repair is not going to make it. No one knows who wrote the bill, no one knows exactly what is in it, who gets the money and no one knows why the bill keeps changing because the American government lost the digital control of the portals towards it. A guy in China or Russia or Italy can change the document at their own preferences.

This is exactly what goes for all politics in the world. You will see the world of money is in the mode of self-destruction, without a way back and it will take anyone depending on money with it. The power of greed given to pieces of paper. So eagerly that the paper can no longer hold the power. Any paper! Any declaration, agreement, patent, bookkeeping, legislation will lose its power woldwide.

Even if Trump wins the election war, infested with the biggest election fraud in the history of mankind, turning America in the biggest corrupt democracy of the world surpassing Venezuela, Russia, Bolivia, Iran, China, Ukraine, Belarus and all other countries they ever blamed of corruption combined. Then still Trump has to face a completely bogus fake pandemic hoax which completely destroyed all trust of Western civilization population. He will be blamed for the deaths, he will be blamed for the side effects of a warp speed vaccine and he will be blamed for the destruction of family life and livelihood through lockdowns. We offered Trump help and we will be offering him help. It is up to Americans how they want to live. In pain or in freedom.

First they tried to blame the Chinese for the virus outbreak only to come to realization a futile virus was the ignition of all fear, suppression, warmongering and fake money power control causing the destruction of the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Americans have no idea in what snake pit they got themselves into.

Only to realize together they built the biggest enslavement and suppression of future generations, children and every newborn by creating debt society. The proof that Westerners could only live in their fake wealth as long as they could give the bill and the enforced labor to their own children.

The good part is, there is no escape longer for these dark energies. All comes out, every stone will be turned. The light will shine on all of it. And therefore it is a great show to watch and we are just getting started.

Dear Americans and all people living in Western civilization societies and all people on the planet.

It is time to wake up! The ones who wake up go free into eternity, the ones who stay asleep and keep fighting will get the, pain, suffering and enslavement.

As Biden say: This country (US) is doomed and not just because of African Americans…

Now everyone knows where all the Black Lives Matter money went, again walked into their own money trap.