How to peacefully and lovingly say goodbye to your Corona Nazi friends.

Dear Friend,

The world of conscience is splitting in two. On the one hand, people who are willing to subject society to restrictions in order to contain a virus, and on the other, people who do not want to be muzzled and for whom freedom of movement counts as an individual, human, natural, fundamental and constitutional right, that can not be violated by any authority. Trusting and realizing humanity itself has the ability to overcome diseases and act upon it accordingly. Like in China when they are ill, people wear a mask to protect others. Zero authority, mandate or order is involved, it is a natural, social and free decision of behavior.

Sometimes in case of emergency some panic behavior can lead to violations of these rights in order to save family and livelihood. This was the first response with the Covid-19 viral outbreak. Driven by fear and panic spreading through Western main stream media. Now even less lethal mutated strains of the virus are used for the extension and intensifying of confinement and restrictions in our Western civilization. The ones who chose the path of fear, panic and suppression will find themselves on the slippery slope of it.

Clearly the two camps will not be coming together anymore. We have met each other in this life in a separation of conscience. I feel very strongly that I cannot line up my world with yours. In the world as you see it, in your support for ever increasing restrictions of freedom, face coverings also for children, limitations of free speech, of gathering and of movement through communities, I don’t feel free, uncomfortable, can´t breathe freely and can’t thrive. I will always move away from boundaries put up by others and find new ways, where restrictions crumble and in which I can go as a human being to be with my God given freedom.

That is why a goodbye is inevitable. Unconditional love always lasts. I stick to where we could complement each other and where this split in our society was not yet final.

I know how connected you are with Mother Nature, just think of the birds that fly from East to West Berlin and the sheep here in the meadows who don’t wear a face mask. You will always find me in that direction.

I’ll be visiting you for a cup of tea in the coming days.

Good on ya, and in much love, you good old crook!