Dear Mr. President Donald J. Trump, now its time for you to listen.

Now your nukes have been dismantled. Your Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo mistakenly called out the Russians for the SolarWinds hack. Yourself entrapped by the Chinese Communist party after calling them out for being responsible for the Covid spread leading to a fake pandemic. Crippling the whole of Western civilization and turning our societies into fascist states. You thought maybe the Warp Speed vaccine would halt the enforcement of Tyranny but the opposite is true. Lockdowns and muzzling has only increased and this will get worse if not acted upon this message.

Your opponent Joe Biden, turning out to be the biggest corrupt politician in the US that even CNN is turning against him and his son. Your predecessor Obama´s war regime bombing weddings. As if love would not exist in the Middle East. Helping to install The Islamic State terror, causing countries like Syria and Iraq blown to pieces and let Hillary Clinton betray, sacrifice and abandon an US ambassador and his military guard leaving Libya in civil war. Operating from behind the curtain with a fake impeachment to get you ousted and to cover up their own crimes.

While realizing the US supreme court can not uphold the constitution anymore. Running an election infested with fraud. You are quite against the wall so this is potential position in which things can change rapidly for the good. Therefore we ask you a favor. And we are with millions. We all see that you have stopped wars and exposed the evil corruption in your country. We offered you our help on many occasions and through multiple channels, even though we hold the logs that you and your team are reading our messages, you have refused to interact until now. I offer you this opportunity again and will keep doing so. And trust me you will need help, it is not a warning it is an offer. You will see. Now I have three requests to make.

1. Call off the fake pandemic of Covid, it will end the 2020 civil war in the US! Do it NOW!!! Many Americans already doing so as we speak, don’t be late on your own party! If not, the vulnerable, patriots and allies suffer from it.

2. Contact Putin, he is expecting your call.

3. Ask your son to stop trophy hunting. * (nothing personal Don)

* There is no problem with hunting when one has to protect family and livelihood against attacks from wild animals. There is also no problem to hunt for food when alternative resources are scarce. But Trophy Hunting can stop now. The necessity of meat intake is heavily overrated. Being a good woman or man is not measurable by the success rate of hunting animals. You can stop him now, not necessary and gives a bad example to other children. Children enslaved and imprisoned in a debt society which ends.

Happy Birthday Pola the video is for you and for you Sebastian.

Ignoring this message will make your political career and the life of patriots fighting for freedom more difficult and painful. Light comes from all directions. Up, down, left, right, inner and outer.

For the rest no worries fascism, communism and capitalism comes to an end this year.

God bless and thanks for playing.