Trump outsmarted by the Chinese. New York Times on similar wrong narrative

Trump just asked all American patriots to fight for him, but that is going to be a bit difficult when the administration keeps going a fake pandemic. You can not ask people to fight against a fake enemy, it will exhaust them as it already does. I am afraid the Chinese have outsmarted the Americans. The Chinese were not so eager and never followed the WHO call to pandemic.

I am sorry Nigel Farage but have you seen what is going on in Great Brittain? Have you seen the insanity, paranoid and mental breakdown of your own government? It is hard to blame that on the Chinese who are partying in Wuhan and never called a pandemic.

Regarding the Deep State, MSM, Big Tech and liberals, one can definitely chose to be on the Trump side. The time that CIA operatives, US bombings and corrupt American politicians ruled the world is to an end now SolarWinds defused the United States nuclear arsenal.

You know that Trump is in hot water, when the New York Times is going for the same narrative to not lose face and blame the Chinese for downplaying their Covid statistics. Wait till the world finds out collapsing Western civilization was pimping and upgrading their Covid numbers to keep a fake crisis going to control the population and destroy many financial, political and social lives.

Enjoy the show, it is a freak one!

Trump freedom and patriotism is not lost he just has to connect. Did he not called it a HOAX before? May God bless Trump also when he makes a mistake.

Bonus video for fakery.