Did the Trump administration just got double checked?

As already stated, it is not a smart move to have a two front war for America. One against the domestic deep state and one against foreign interference of elections and hacking. There is no escape for the Trump admin to solve the inner problem of election fraud, fake impeachment and abuse of constitution before the US can handle any foreign threat.

Surprising that Mike Pompeo, secretary of State now calls out the Russians to be the team behind the SolarWinds hack. By doing so he openly opens a two front war. Three fronts really when realized the Chinese Communist Party was already operational in the oval office during the Obama administration.

As it becomes clear the Covid mess has been a fake pandemic all the time. The World Health Organisation and the Western world politicians just used a flu to call it a Covid and have all the crisis theory implementation and planning at hand to lockout freedom from society. The crisis is a self fulfilling prophecy, just too many politicians who want a crisis. quite sad actually especially the failure of it. As if you want to play God on the stage of the X factor. It is not science it is politics. No one keeps noticing, at least not many that China never called a pandemic in their country. It simple never was a pandemic just a viral spread like a flu to deal with. Western society already collapsing, designed a self made trap to fall into. Some blokes behind a kind of Great Reset thought they might control humanity but fail miserably. It will be very difficult to blame all the financial, political and social drama on China. The Chinese Communist Party will just say: ´pandemic? what pandemic?

Is this then the double checkmate of the Trump admin?


Sometimes you wonder if the world, humanity is actually very afraid of freedom. Now America goes down, because no one prevented the 2 decade build up of corruption, election interference and fraud it can only be blamed on the lack of patriotism and to stand for freedom in the US. I guess it was money which blinded the masses, now Americans will reap what they have sown. The world will never forget all the raging wars. Make no mistake God created people equal, the good in humanity is never lost. Humanity will always live and other countries like Russia, China and all European countries have their own problems to deal with.

In the end a debt society will never hold. The eagerness for possession, power and money was already the design mistake of Western civilization. And now China uses this weakness of capitalism simply against every capitalist country. You can not even blame them, because they use the same rules, laws and regulations. One can buy the NBA? Lets buy the NBA. It sounds nice to protect constitutional values and freedom but in reality every newborn or next generation is kept hostage and enslaved to live up and pay for an ever increasing debt of which everyone knows it will never hold social, political and financial structures and institutes afloat. And the corruption in the USA is so well infested that even the Supreme Court can not protect the constitution anymore. No wonder everyone is so depressed, starts changing gender and have thousands of abortions. People can feel that what is expected from them and what is expected to pass on to their children is not fruitful, obsolete and unreal.

At least Mike Pompeo is reading these articles thanks for playing. Lets not be enemies but give freedom a chance to flourish again. Nothing is lost.

The fakeness of a society

God bless.