SolarWinds defused the United States nuclear arsenal.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, please all be welcome in earth´s last World War. You can all be very grateful, this one is going to be without much bloodshed and massacre. Stop whining and step up the plate. The SolarWinds hack breached the digital portals to the Nuclear arsenal of the United States of America. It can not be used anymore and became powerless over night. As if someone waved a magic wand. Because of the breach no one can ever again determine who pulled the switch. Was it an American, a Chinese, a Russian or a Papua?

Good thing. America was the only one ever dropping a nuclear bomb on civilians and they will be the last one too. Now take a deep breathe and realize how humanity has been kept hostage in this silly game of nuclear standoff. No wonder so many people walk around sad and grumpy, they lost the smell of freedom in their nostrils. Iranians, Chinese, Americans, Koreans, Russians, Pakistani, Indians and the whole world freed from people holding a weapon of mass destruction against another and against humanity.

Do not worry, this will not lead to a stronger weaponized standoff. It will be the opposite. The ones hacking these portals did not do it to activate a weapon, but indeed to dismantle them. It is not the Chinese now holding the switch of American nuclear weapons. If they would have wanted to push the US off the cliffs, they would have done so a long time ago. the same for Russia. This play goes much deeper then this.

Trump is now enforced to dismantle the deep state operation in the US, The CIA, MSM and Big Tech will no longer have the power to control Americans and the world. Trump can no longer make any other country responsible for the election fraud in the US or the fake impeachment or the abuse of the constitution by the FBI, CIA, DOJ and Supreme Court. The corruption of the United States of America is now known worldwide and there is no one to blame for it other than Americans themselves and they will also be the only ones capable of rooting it out. This last World War is a war against the enemy within for every country for the whole of humanity. Welcome to freedom and peace, it exists.

By reading this article in Dutch you will activate the removal of the Dutch Prime Minister. It is inevitable as also he thought he could run a country while taking freedom and keep the population hostage in fear and under suppression. It is nothing personal but the era of warmongering and suppression of freedom in the world has ended.

The Chinese Communist Party has to explain to its 1.4 billion population why they put thousands of civilians in reeducation camps, while they pay Hunter Biden, an American, millions and millions of bribe money while he is having sex with underage prostitutes and on crack all the time. Does he not need to be reeducated?

Thanks Ron for the table tennis, can you setup a public portal? security not much needed. Here a mass load of solar flares to pass. Humanity is ready for an upload.

God Bless you all and love you.

ps, Iranian leaders can stop threatening any other country now, the world can see every threat is powerless and turns inwards to the own population of Iranians. Be free man! It is OK to be free! Also in Gods eyes.