Lets Rock n´ Roll with the list of Western operatives of the Chinese Communist Party.

So eager Americans political elitists were for money, it became their deathtrap. Australian Skynews comes with the claim they have the list of all CCP (Chinese Communist Party) operatives in Western countries within the biggest cooperations, more interesting in USA governance. As stated before the CCP operation came into the Oval Office. It would have been of great ignorance to think American Defense agencies would let that happen without consequence. A country would be lost. Hear Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State announcing to have Chinese list of all US governors who are compromised (17 April 2020, 2:00 min.). A politician might think it is a warning, meanwhile Military is running a long time counter operation.

A roundup of corrupt politicians is already going on for some time. You dont hear or see it so obvious because of the spell of the Main Stream Media. The ones on a state level resisting like in Michigan and Georgia are just lost in a game already lost.

Trump already won the entire game! In an Executive Order in 2018 he declared how the US is going to operate in case of the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election. He declared State of Emegency in each state since last year, all 50 states has been in a position of national emergency. This order has not been changed. Trump is by LAW and without election, the president of the USA for 4 more years. In case a foreign entity, like the CCP now, infiltrated federal governance on a scale which would compromise the integrity of the constitution and the country. The evidence is so overwhelming and so many players infested that institutes like the FBI and DOJ are out of order for the good of it.

The best part is that the Free people of China are assisting in the counter operations as well as providing all the evidence of Americans bribed by the Chinese Communist Party. As much as the US constitution is about to collapse so is the rule of the Chinese Communist Party over China. Communism, Capitalism and Fascism all ending in the year 2020.

What a show!

Stay tuned it is just getting started. God bless!