Witness the collapse of the United States of America and its Constitution.

USA widespread infestation of corruption ends DOJ and FBI ability to arrest and prosecute. After decades of severe abuse, the constitution is about to die.

The corruption in the USA is so overwhelmingly widespread that the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are too infested and not longer able to function. Arrests can not be made and prosecutions not activated for the crimes of the political corrupted elite from both parties Republican and Democrat.

It is already in the foundation of the country to have conflict and dispute. The Two parties, left and right, blue and red, republican and democrat seem to miss self-reflection to realize they are both blaming each other for the same crimes. First the democrats blaming Trump and his family to be corrupt and working with the Russians. Now it is the Republicans blaming the Biden’s of mass corruption and working with the Chinese. American politics are not about freedom but about the maintenance of conflict, if not found abroad then ignited domestic. Its not a fight for freedom but a fight against inner moral decay and selfdestruction.

Meanwhile in neither of the cases the DOJ or FBI has the ability to judge and make arrests or start sincere investigations or trials. Action would mean their ongoing inactivity till now, makes them complicit for not preventing this mass crime and corruption in US politics and institutions of law enforcement to take place.. All officials and commissioners of the three letter agencies in the US are hiding and functioning in a permanent paralyzed state. We are witnessing the collapse of the United States Constitution. The founding fathers efforts were in vain. The Trump corruption was never proven, at least not in the impeachment trial, therefore the whole impeachment was a scam. This impeachment has to be be prosecuted otherwise the US institutions of presidency and constitution are allowed to be abused to block and make the functioning of a President impossible as it already turned out. Trump is about to be removed through a rigged election.

Then we have the China infiltration ongoing for more than a decade, the Biden corruption ongoing for more than a decade, which is now hitting mainstream and the total fraudulent election hitting mainstream. In neither of these cases the DOJ has activated a meaningful interference or prevention in the unfolding of it. The end days of the USA as a constitutional republic have arrived. None of the institutes is able to prevent the self-destruction of the United States of America.

Should we be sad about it. Well it seems that now the violence, crime, corruption and conflict has turned inwards the rest of the world is quite cool about it. If this immense decay is what the founding of the US has brought forward then there is no other outcome then the implosion of it.

It keeps suprising that Americans find pride in smearing the other, digging up dirt and exposing corruption side by side the institutions which should prevent it, actually being part of it. Pride comes before the fall.

If patriots want to fight they better do it now, because the whole new generation and the children are enslaved into a tyrannical dictatorial fake society.

Thank God and Enjoy the show!

Ps. stick the fake pandemic wherever you want to stick it.