Did Trump jump on the bandwagon of the pandemic too eagerly?

As The Free Liberty stated before the Chinese government already called off the pandemic long time ago. Now The Epoch Times, the biggest newspaper run by Chinese in the US, comes with a similar decleration. What we can see through Covid in the world is an incredible display of human paranoid in a crumbling, collapsing and self destructive Western civilization. And it seems that Donald J. Trump, President of the USA jumped on the bandwagon of the pandemic too eagerly.

Probably he assumed Americans would follow suit in condemning the Chinese government for not handling the outbreak of a virus righteous to create an enemy to blame and distract from a crumbling inner society. First democrats blamed Trump for being xenophobic for travel restrictions from China. Not much later when paranoid took over in the West, democrats did the opposite and claimed Trump did not do enough against the virus and democrats became the anti virus outbreak Tyrants and went for insane freedom restrictions and population control.

We have to be very clear here. It was our Western societies who called this virus outbreak a pandemic. Our Western civilization so weak, so deep into financial debt, morally, socially and economically so far corrupted that the last resort for our political leaders was to invent some kind of world wide disaster to give it one more push of authoritarian dominance over the free populations of our countries. We can now all see how it failed miserably.

And we will all have to face what we have become part of.

Do realize that our Western society is in such a mess that our leaders can not do anything else than suppress the population. If not, the ruling elite will be targeted, because there are already too many people who know, and see, and understand, and realize, and witness our society can only be uphold through suppression as the last resort for corruption to survive.

If there will be no stronger proof of awakening amongst the free people in the US, unfortunately we have to conclude Presidents Trump was to eager to jump the bandwagon of a fake pandemic to blame others instead of the inner awakening and face the end of an obsolete debt soceity.

Dear Mr. President you have to come clear and explain that you have not been entrapped in the pandemic scam by the fearmongers in our society. If not you will simply stay entrapped. Democrats will blame you for not handling a pandemic well and Biden starts claiming mass population vaccination victory and reinforce dictated authority.

Claim the pandemic to be over NOW! The question arises if a vaccine is even needed!

Your good friend and lawyer Lin Wood already unleashed an incredible power. We are here to help you but you have to come off the pandemic bandwagon.

The statistics are proof of mass exaggeration. Its is just a matter of time the masses will awaken to it. And the masses will not be Americans only.

Thank God freedom always lives!