2020 The Freedom Year.

In one year humanity, God and mother earth have pulled off the complete destruction of fascism, communism and capitalism all together.

It is magnificent, but only to those who see. No longer will there be groups or individuals who can claim themselves genetically better than others, fascism is dead. No longer can an ideology distribute poverty through humanity by tyranny, suppression, deprivation and violence, communism never lived. No longer can a civilization enslave future generations and children to carry the burden of financial debts. Capitalism died.

And to celebrate this we break the biggest scam ever implemented on humanity. The fake pandemic of Covid. Wuhan in China is open for tourism again, no vaccine needed. And the world laughs at the biggest scam in the history of the republic of The United States of America, the absolute, undisputable election fraud.

Just admit how fooled you have been and a world of freedom opens in front of your eyes. And yes The Great Reset is also exposed as another world wide scam. Its like looking at the X factor with only losers and only old guard politician contenders. When freedom returns first everyone loses all instead, the best ever could happen.

The end of mind control when time as an analogy or the most important consciousness influencer, becomes obsolete and ceases to exist. Good bye time, very nice you played your role in history. We will never forget.