China owns the USA election technology

It is of great ignorance for Americans to think that the Chinese want to keep the news, the Dominion voting systems company is China owned, a secret. It is the opposite. The whole world already knows.

Either the information is true and leads to the direct owning of the US elections and therefore the US presidency by China. Or the information is not true and only adds to more chaos and division in US politics. Both ways it benefits China over the USA. There is no return for tackling the 2020 voter fraud scheme. If not, the US loses its constitution and turns authoritarian over night. It seems that true America is missing another big one too, Biden himself is the number one witness of the election fraud, as he says himself. Only a true listener can hear it, others keep deaf.

“It’s Easier to Fool People Than It Is to Convince Them That They Have Been Fooled.” – Mark Twain.

It was also the Chinese who documented (originally) on all corrupt bussiness dealings of Biden in China. China handed it on a serving tray and Americans did not do anything with it, other than waiting for a fraudulent election to take place. If China really had bad intentions with the American people they would have already pushed them of the cliffs.

As long as Americans are trying to find a scapegoat for their crumbling society outside its own borders, they will keep missing the enemy within. Western civilization is built upon debt for future generations to pay. A bigger enslavement to humanity does not exist. To convince your own children to live up for the debts we as a society have made and even this multi trillion dollar debt is not satisfying. In this marvelous realm of transition it is time to look at ourselves.

Everyone make yourself ready for The Great Reset and it is not going to be the one from the World Economic Forum, You know these sillies, who want to bring a reset for the people in the world so they can keep the wealth for themselves. There comes a new world order in which capitalism, communism and fascism have had their proven flaws. Better enjoy it because it is not next week. it is NOW!

Like prince Harry, first he says he wants to be left alone, now he says Covid was a punishment from mother earth and urges everyone to be a raindrop and repair the earth. Who is getting punished Harry? You go against the imperium of your own monarchy. Who did mother earth punish for letting this empire grow through the centuries? Who did and does the most damage to mother earth Harry? You asked for silence but choose to speak, now the world is listening. What is behind Covid 19 Harry, who is acting as mother earth? You seem to know more. Seen the statistics lately? Like the flu disappeared in Suisse.

to be continued

In God we trust.