Judgement day for the highest corrupt Republicans and Democrats in the USA.

So what we have learned now from these 2020 elections, is that the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) is already aware of election meddling since a long, long time. Even before CNN which reported on this matter in 2006.

Then not much later Chinese deepstate operatives participated and started bribing, extorting and blackmailing US politicians to keep this meddling going. Even so, this ultimate scandal lies in America and nowhere else. There is no one left to blame for the implosion of Western civilization, there is no way back. You can not enslave generations into a debt society. This ends rather sooner than later.

Then Trump came, who was not supposed to win in 2016, but because his landslide victory was so big, the dominion voting machines could not keep up flipping and Trump won by suprise. The DIA gave Trump all the leads to the meddling data including evidence. Also the evidence that the CIA was aware of it, but did not interfere and started covering for Big Tech and Main Stream Media to keep the fake reality alive and the masses betrayed. Just needed was another election to download and collect all the proof.

And now we come to the surprising conclusion that the whole world is aware of the US corruption and therefore judgement day awaits for as well as Republican as for Democrat highest politicians and commissioners. And this reality is one which is not going back into any bottle again. there simply doesn’t exist a bottle which fits.

The Great Reset is scattered allover the place, no plan, no control and no representation. Exposed to at least the half of the world population who are not going to cooperate and give up their freedom.

Gary Kalman, Director of the new U.S. office of Transparency International, said the following:
“Weaknesses in our laws are being exploited by a growing list of bad actors at home and abroad. From foreign despots to terror networks, drug cartels to human traffickers, some of the world’s most destructive forces are benefitting from gaps in U.S. law. Multiple corruption scandals in the last year alone have shown that transnational corruption is often facilitated, enabled, or perpetuated by countries toward the top of the Index, including the United States. Fortunately, bipartisan legislation currently before Congress, the ILLICIT CASH Act and the Corporate Transparency Act, would go a long way toward stopping these interests from using the U.S. as a laundromat for their dirty cash.”

Just always realize that freedom can never be trapped. There is just too much of it. No container can hold. Now patriots and freedom fighters from allover the world, a lot of pretty women, wake up again to the fact they no longer have to be afraid of not being afraid anymore. And a lot of nice men too. No one gets them back into the box. No New World Order, No Deep State, No Great Reset and no US Presidency represents more freedom than we the people.

Bonus entertainment! Enjoy the show!