China reports: there is no pandemic.

Jonathan Bartlett illustration for Foreign Policy

No evidence’ that asymptomatic Covid-19 cases were infectious, analysis of post-lockdown Wuhan concludes

Just the West going insane.

Western civilization built on fake capitalism and imperialism is collapsing. (countries can not have debts for next generations to pay) Population control by indoctrination and conditioning of behaviour, thought and social engagement in Europa and the US seems to have been much greater than in other parts of the world like Russia and China. Now the political and moral leaders in the West are losing it, in their hunger for fear, supression and control, the complete implosion of society’s structures is inevitable.

If China was behind the implementation of the Covid virus, then their goal was to expose the Western social culture as insane, deprived, paranoid, fearfull and supressive. They succeeded in their campaign tremendously.

Very interesting how twitter and facebook are going to flag this China report on the insignificance of the viral and deadly impact of Covid on humanity.

Freedom is on the horizon and ever will be.