The great pandemic, The great reset, The great paranoid…

First create The Great Reset, now there seems no one to find with dictate skills to represent it. A complete farce. The whole moral institutions of the Western Civilization going bust and Trudeau tries to make his way out of it. Too late…man…too late….

Very interesting to see who now stands up and represents the great reset. Such a heavy burden to carry. Its up for grabs.

Remember who was also in Davos to do a Great Reset.

And here the free Assange bonus wikileaks on Smartmatic Operations in Venezuela.

the virus is real it is in your head

Paranoid only finds answers in paranoid, so we can expect some more insane stuff coming from our world leaders.

Like no hugging your children during Christmas in the Great Brittain.

When the pandemic is over the fakeness of it comes to light and then they lose face, so they are forced to make things worse, but this ends sooner or later. Get the popcorn!!!