The Times to attack the New York Times.

Remember all those years of powndering, suppressing and attacking outreaching voices for freedom in America by the New York Times dominating the narrative of public opinion? Well this time has come to an end. 

In this full out information war, where Twitter and Facebook censor the complete spectrum of ´the other side´ of the story, the bastions of mind and population control starts showing their flaws in power and their weak spots of being the thought police. Well it is exactly when you want to control the population by lies, corruption and censorship that you start losing power and get under attack. And that is what a newspaper as the New York Times is facing now. The attacks will be coming from left, from right, from up and from down, from abroad and from within. It is just that a fake projected reality has come to an end. When the masses are waking up, they wake up from all sides and it can not be stopped. Freedom overruns the suppression of freedom inevitably. No matter how many intellectuals you as a newspaper throw in, they themselves will start questioning the reality they have been conditioned to. 

We can be grateful that this civil war in the United states is not merely fought with weapons. In the digital era mainly done with the keyboard. As we will not have to use any violence, threats or killings in our war to save a constitution and a country. Neither can the New York Times use their goons of communists any longer to intimidate and attack the free voice of the opposing side and rule the streets with looting, fighting, killing and attacking innocent and or neutral civilians into obedience.  

The New York Times can just deny, but the whole world has access to the information leading to the corruption the Biden family has been involved in. Especially in connection with business dealing in China. It is actually the Chinese who monitored and reported his handlings, before the extortion of Hunter Biden came out. Russia was the main power in pushing publicity around it. Biden is exposed as absolutely compromised for getting elected the next president to the United States. It is only that the US thought control media is pretending it does not exist. 

Even if Trump loses his presidency through this corrupt voting scam, Biden as a president will be under attack from the radical left for putting BLM back to the lower class, to be ignored voting crowd of the democratic party. From Russia for the fake impeachment and pushing for severe hostilities between the US and Russia by unlawful and illegal weaponizing of the FBI, CIA and DOJ. From the Republican party for 4 years of fake attacks against their representatives, election fraud, the fake impeachment, fake lies against Kavanaugh and Barrett to obstruct their installation. For weaponizing the FBI against a presidency, For using the CIA to spy on the American public. From free speech platforms popping up all over the place and no longer being able to control the narrative. From the middle east and Arab countries for raging all these fake wars of which two started by the Obama Biden administration, both ended by the Trump administration. And for Hunter smoking crack all the time.

Last but not least for creating a fake pandemic, to manipulate the world into a great authoritarian dictators reset which is going to backfire straight into the faces of the political and financial elite organizing it. This power is simply not in the hands of one or some, only in the hands of all.

It is an all out war and in these kinds of digital wars it is always the one who is lying and cheating who is spoiling in Gods´play and therefore will always be unmasked and exposed. There is no human or group of people who can dominate humanity. Of Course there are some who are trying their favorite newspaper is the New York Times. 

It has begun, meanwhile Freedom never ends.