The USA can be grateful no one beating them in an attempt suicide.

America is turning into a rag doll like Biden supporters in New York kicking a Trump puppet through the streets. The election turned the country into a corrupt vassal state mess. The corruption, lies, division and secrets fermenting underground came to surface. All what the US has been using on tactics abroad erupts now from the inner core of divide and rule. Americans can be really grateful Russia and China did not yet turn the Seppuku dagger of institutional suicide. 

It is of great entertainment how Russia and China not congratulate Biden on his prematurely celebrated presidency. Mexico, Brasil neither. These countries know how compromised Biden is, they helped blow the lid of corruption themselves. China and Russia and the rest of the world can play with the American hegemony as much as they want. The constitution at the moment is not protected nor implemented, there is a real life information and conscience vacuum, which will end the two party conflict in the US. 99.84% of the world population avoids conflict and is not murderous. (similar to the percentage not dying from covid). The USA can be grateful that no country on this planet is attacking them right now. It is entertaining when the institutions like the FBI, CIA and DOJ around the constitution have become self destructive, powerless and in hiding mode. A lot of bad players usually operating underground come right into the light and there is no escape. Exposing on a world scale is happening continuously through sources from all directions and it will affect bad players all around the planet. Not that they will be defeated in one go. First humanity has to witness in what fake reality they have been kept, maybe not personally but definitely socially, financially, culturally and politically. 

Our confined and limited society of the West is coming to end. We have lived a reality superiors created for us and we were more eager than sheep to obey and reap the benefits. The enslavement of our children to cover for the debts of our countries is not being swallowed any longer. As a parent you have to tell a living lie to your own children at the dinner table to keep it going which will not benefit them at all. By reading this article you can no longer. 

The blind weak spot of the US is all out in the open, Americans can be gratefull no one is beating them in an attempt suicide. Nothing to worry, civilizations end, humanity lives. 

We offered the Trump administration our bipartisan cooperation on free speech against the censorship from Big Tech through multiple diplomatic channels, probably too busy fighting Twitter and Facebook. A very silly fight when you realize there is a platform which allows full free speech. We are building it now. The offer is ongoing also to the Democratic party or non partisans. 

Americans can be grateful that Trump opened the box of Pandora, because there is so much interesting stuff coming out.

Freedom is forever.