Antifa eating the Democratic party alive.

Never seen such a fast submission of a Western country by communist tactics as what is going on now with the USA. So obvious to see and the tactics are working extremely well. Nothing to hide. If you are successful in your manoeuvring, why change a winning team. Already seen the ´victory´ video of the Biden campaign? It looks a bit sad, a lot of appeasing to all layers of society, but actually up for grabs who wants to play around with the snowflake foundation of it. Not much of a party or strong spirit. Go to, they have gone full Biden endorsement and you see the video. 

The socialist squad with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won their positions easily and they have boldened their rhetoric. And why blame them. They have a political socialist agenda and they have the support. With Kamala Harris who is already much more left leaning than Biden the squad easily becomes a quintet. They are open and honest about their ideas and plans, way less secret than the spyops agenda of the CIA exposed by Snowden.

So funny to see how groups of Antifa have already taken over the street celebrations of Biden supporters and the democratic party. Indeed there is not much to party. They can not even party fully, because of their own implemented fake measures of the lockdown. The democratic party will roll from one lie and controversy into the other. Because their victory is built upon betrayal and extortion. The underlying agenda of the infiltration is to take down the constitution of The United States of America and they are quite honest about it. The communist ideology does not support freedoms protected by a constitution. No one from Antifa is hiding this, they even are quite honest that they don’t like Biden, just use him as a tool to break down the American institution and it is breaking down. It already was before Antifa interference. Americans can claim slavery has ended but no American can claim he or she is not enslaving their own children as pawns for the financial debt of the country.  This society ends either one likes it or not. That the majority did not like this civilization to go down or the bad parts to be dismantled is exactly why the collapse now comes so abrupt.

And breeding grounds for Antifa and communism are excellent in the US right now. And it will expose so much of the secret society of the US. It exposes the financial scam taking place in Western society going on for decades, where next generations are enslaved to be the pawn for debt country. Probably this revolution of mind control seems to be necessary to awaken the masses that they can no longer live on borrowed money, passing the burden of holding it together to their children. We don’t have much to worry about communism taking over the USA as Russia and perhaps even China will prevent that, they already went through it and they will not go through it again. You can witness that easily by their ongoing efforts to expose the vulnerability of the Biden campaign. China seems to be only interested in dominating the West through the west’s own capitalist tactics, MONEY. China does not start wars in doing so and they do not aim for global dominance by Chinese people, otherwise they did not have the one child policy. The West can no longer blame China for infiltration if it does not look first to their own failures in society. Debt, living luxurious now, with the idea next generation will pay for it. It is living in guilt which sooner or later ends. And split society, Western countries are politically always divided, in dispute, conflict. This looks democratic but on the world stage very foolish how fellow countrymen always attack and smear eachtother to the extremes so life becomes miserable for both.

Biden is extremely compromised and the Chinese, communists, the whole world knows that. Except the US mainstream media and Big Tech. Russia Today the Russian state media has been exposing more on the Biden corruption than any outlet with this big of an audience in the US itself and in this case the proof is all over the internet and real. This is not going away. You will see how much of a puppet Biden is for geo political power struggles. 

Communism or Antifa does not make me afraid. Freedom is some kind of absolute underlying current which is sometimes under repression and sometimes enlightened. But it is always here, like the sun is always shining. Communism already has it flaws through history and did not function well as an ideology for the world, came with a lot of killings. China has adopted some kind of state capitalism and is using the advantages of it to consume the united States using its own weapon, money. And money is what so many people live for. Forgetting completely how beautiful life is without depending on it. 

These times are great to live in. It is spectacular. To see the people in the land of the free so desperate that they rape and attack their own constitution. The FBI and DOJ institutes of law enforcement are looking the other way and do nothing to protect her. We all know it is not the majority. The majority is free.

For a lot of people difficult times arrived, good luck and Godspeed. 

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ps. Now democrats will be begging law enforcement to protect them after calling to defund the police. Good luck with that one. We will see how protected Americans will feel under a fake presidency.