After decades of suppression the United States is about to meet the communist half of the population.

I stated before, the US constitution will not survive if former president Obama is not being prosecuted for the illegal impeachment against Trump. It is not really against Obama personally, he doesn’t have to hang for my part even if it is treason. But if not prosecuted, the constitution simply loses all legitimacy, in America and worldwide. The presidency becomes an empty shell, because it can be attacked and attempt to be removed illegally without consequence. 

As it turns out now, the Presidential election between Trump and Biden is so full of fraudulent activity and so much infested with lies, cheating, corruption and fake reporting from both sides, that it does not really matter who wins, because it will not end the division in US Western society. As I stated in my articles before, Western society is not going to survive this division equally to the collapse of the Roman empire. But as this may seem unrealistic to many, they just have to wait to see the proof of it. For me and a group of other thinkers the happenings now, like the disputed election, are already the result of a civilization collapsing. No way our society will be able to convince any more youngsters to be enslaved as pawns into debt society. The next generation can simply not absorb or adopt any more fakery to a conditioned and groomed reality. That is why we see self destruction on so many levels. Suicides, overexploitation, human trafficking, escapes into drugs and alcohol, unfurtility by choice, mass devorces, flipping gender, guilt in the form of debt, abortion, censorship, fake pandemics like Covid (yes the virus is real, but it has nested in your head)

One could have thought that a landslide victory for Trump would erase the split in society and everything would turn into a happy economically successful era in the so young and turbulent US history. But unfortunately for the wishful thinkers it is not going to be like that. The opposition against Trump, even if not a majority, only got more fierce. The resistance is extremely powerful. And they use the tactics of ancient communist regimes. The censorship by Big Tech and Main Stream Media is as strong as that of a communist regime. Maybe not as decisive, because the constitution is still in place, but it will not stop only getting worse. Twitter and Facebook are not going to censor less, their tactics are working perfectly. People can scream they are an illegal bunch of suppressors of free speech, but it is exactly the constitution which protects their activities. There is even a law designed especially to protect them. 

You can see inevitably, that Trump tactics is to choose an opponent, an enemy to rally against. He is just very good at it, because in many cases he is just right or true. His successes are built upon defeating the other. But his politics are still about finding and challenging an opponent. Not about becoming friends with the one who you have disputes with. Trump is also a fan of the UFC. A typical American popular sport, but in reality it is just about beating up or killing your opponent. While in daily life the guy in front of you could be a fine neighbour you get along with, potentially go to a UFC fight with as spectators. It is Western society which is founded on competition (imperialism) and submission (enslavement). It gave a lead in wealth and dominance, whether you like it or not. This does not mean that Trump’s´ opponents are suddenly the good guys because Trump is using what he is good at. It is worse, Trump’s opposition from the radical left side are for absolute equality and therfor they would submit anyone who is in their way and would even use tactics which are illegal by the constitution like the fake impeachment. 

So the Americans are about to meet the other half of the population which is already under the spell of communism. It first might be liberalism and equality. Then it turns into socialism then it becomes the ideology to take liberties away so all can benefit equal from prosperity and then it becomes communism. Which means that the ones who don’t obey can be removed, deleted or silenced without protection from a constitution or by law. 

The rise of serious communism and the tactics, ideology and policy involved in the US is more severe than the continuation and maintenance of communism in China. China and Russia already went through their times of oppressive communism. One could say the worst regarding the negatives of communism they have had, at least for their own population. The world is turning around. Western politicians thought other countries had to learn from the West and were centuries behind. Now the West will experience that actually their competition, imperialism has left them behind. And so it all balances out, ying yangs into perfection. God bless America and the entertainment and freak show on display, 

No wonder Hollywood is losing stage.

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