The virus is real, it is in your head.

There comes a day that the spread of Covid 19 stops and that the leathelness has had its maximum impact. And that day comes sooner than expected for sheep people society and their handlers of Western civilization governments. For many the impact of the pandemic was already very minimal to start with. But this was not the narrative to be, as shoved for mass consumption through Big Tech, crashing governments and Main Stream Media.

The pandemic triggered or activated the suppressive character of Western Society on the brink, in overdrive and or on steroids. All the desperation within Western Government politicians losing their powers and control over the narrative and movement of populations free thought, came to surface and they had only two options to proceed. Either you admit the oppression of free thought in the Western world, end your population control and you drip off. Or you push to squeeze and suffocate free populations of the West once more to see if the global political, financial and social elite can remain fake power and control. This power elite, cabal, illuminati, NWO, The Great Reset, only lives as an idea or concept. As soon as the narrative is losing ground we see that these powers were only an assumed condition to live by. It did not work, so we can give up. Civilizations end, it is not a big of a deal. Who cares nowadays that the Roman empire collapsed. Who cares next year that Western civilization collapsed. It all works out just fine. In the end the natural law of freedom or God so to speak, operates autonomously with or without our consent. Leave your fears in the garbage bin before you leave your house in the morning. Don’t worry it is quite nice outside without it. 

The sad part is that populations through human conscience can be molded to believe there is some kind of elite power which dominates and controls and that obedience has to be applied to maintain a safe and kind of prosperous life. The fun part is, this idea of humans controlling or dominating humanity never existed as executed fully and never will. The existence of multi dimensional life or God (as the source of inner freedom, not as an almighty entity outside of us) is for many the proof that humans can not rule humanity. And the proof is in the pudding. Many have tried to rule over populations and rule humanity and every single one of the attempts failed, mostly with suffering and death, but this is not even the main characteristic of collapsing empires. We are lucky to live in a digital timeframe in which the fight is not so much physical for life or death, but about mind control and narrative dominance.

It is amazing to witness that there are at least two opposite ways to look at life and this division has become the hidden foundation of Western Civilization. We all deep in our hearts know division or competition is seemingly the main drive in our society, but we do not admit and when not admitted it can not be realised, yet. But that will be different now. The division becomes so decisive that the collapse of the division will crash the founding character of society simultaneously. As if future generations can be kept enslaved to live up to the debts of our countries? It worked for a while but never works forever, the end of it is now. 

And ofcourse the political elite, as foolish as they are, choose the second option of one more dictate and it fails miserably. As aggressive the lockdowns and muzzling by covering our faces might be, the underground, never far away, inner natural core of the movement towards freedom within humanity is sprouting like never before. The fight of the MSM, Twitter and Facebook as examples to maintain dominance over the narrative is absolutely failing. The censorship apparatus at their headquarters are in overdrive and the limitations of free speech control makes the implosion of their assumed empires inevitable. So funny to witness. They all look so serious these newsreaders, politicians and Big Tech blokes. Just admit your little confined realities have crumbled and you walk out free. Fight for your survival and you go down with pain and suffering. The hunt is on.

Of Course the virus is real. But we are more or less already beyond the eagerness to find out where it came from. What does it matter when a disease melts as snow in the sun compared to the aggression and viral spreading of fear and control by our governments. The big players of political world power are the USA and China. Wuhan, the Chinese province the virus originates from is having mass gathered halloween parties this year. In the USA the Trump momentum with Big rallies, enthusiasm and optimism is rooted in the knowledge that only 0.16% (maybe a bit more, who cares really?) of the Cocvid 19 infected will die from the disease. This pandemic is as futile as it can be with all the love and memory to those who have died from the disease. May everyone rest in peace. 

It almost seems that big groups of people rather live in the reality that they are about to die from a disease, regardless what the information around it tells them, then to live in the reality that the pandemic is already over its peak, to be lived through and has minimal to zero impact on the health of humanity.

The virus is real, it is in your head.