The United States Constitution is so weak that the Chinese Communist Party could operate from underneath the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office.

More and more the world is witnessing the empty shell of the American constitution. We already got our first glimpses when American congressmen in collaboration with the CIA, DOJ and FBI, falsified evidence to launch an impeachment scam against a sitting President. Worse even, the scam was already orchestrated before the new President was elected. 

This seems all okay now we know that the false impeachment did not work out and the constitution was upheld, so it worked? It did not, the constitution had to protect United States citizens, a President and the world against these criminal procedures. Because the world of geopolitics is so entwined, these criminal and corrupt handlings of the Security and Justice agencies have a direct effect on safety, peace and security throughout the world.

The US created an image for themselves as being the peacekeepers in the world. Irak, Afghanistan, Libya, Iran, Syria, Vietnam, Yugoslavia and many more countries on the planet had to deal with American invasion and peacekeeping. It all seems very Nobel but it gets a bit shaky when the world starts witnessing the corruption and non legitimacy of the handling of the CIA, DOJ and the FBI, domestic and abroad.

The involvement in international conflicts by the Americans in recent years and especially under the Obama administration, has all taken place under the intelligence now coming out, that the Obama administration was criminal by falsifying a fake impeachment, corrupted by Joe Biden’s business deals with China, amongst other countries and extortion and blackmail of Hunter Biden’s dark hidden secrets. Not to forget the CIA spying on its own citizens. To imagine how many innocent people and servicemen have died in the USA fake wars of the last decades. One’s stomach starts turning, now we see more evidence of US institutionalized crimes. There is still much to come on Libya, Syria, Irak, 9/11 and the aftermath, international drug trade, modern slavery, human trafficking and the enslavement and abuse of childeren in debt society.

A constitution might be in place, but if the three letter agencies in the US keep raping the constitution with ongoing corrupt and criminal actions and covering up for them, the US constitution is becoming the tool and vehicle for it. Many countries have experienced the falsehood of extended arms of implementing the US constitution abroad. But now the imperial spread of corruption worldwide has come home to the source of where it came from. The chickens have come home to roost.

And the opening of the floodgates is called Hunter Biden. Because of his corrupt handlings with mainly China, in name of his farther, Presidential candidate Joe Biden, the doors of imploding corruption and heavy political scandals opened and there is no stop to it, anymore! Because the DOJ, FBI and CIA have been complicit in this worldwide corruption, these agencies are paralized now the most compromising information comes to surface. Before, the agencies had some kind of assumed control and with killings, extortion and blackmail most crimes stayed hidden and could go unexposed. But these times are over. If you create a society of lies, corruption and secrets, one day the secrets, lies and corruption come to surface. And that is now. Billions of people around the world have access to the same information as what is in this writing here. This does not mean that everyone is waking up yet. There are still people campaigning for corrupt Joe Biden, even though the crowds are becoming individuals. To endorse Biden publicly is going to be a heavy burden to carry the rest of your life.  

Here you will find the strictly confidential (well not anymore) intelligence report on Joe Bidens handlings with the Chinese Communist Party. He was in it very much. And we only see the beginning of it. This is just covering for only 25% of exposing crimes and corruption by the highest American political elite and agencies. Regarding to the intelligence material which is circulating submerged on the internets right now. There is way more to come and it affects everybody. Because we all lived in a time and space frame of this Western civilization. We all reaped the benefits and stuffed our bellies and our pockets, scouring the planet for cheap labor and resources. Now comes the dark side of the fake reality humanity has lived in. It is inevitable, you can keep watching the suffering of children and people abroad on television and be grateful that it is not you, but as long as you force a decadent lifestyle upon others this suffering one day comes straight back to the core. The only thing left to do is admit, expose and root out to the core. The hard part is going to be with the prosecuted the perpetrators, humnaity already suffered this fake reality for decades.

And here you find why Joe Biden was in it so much. His son Hunter Biden has been blackmailed by the Chinese from at least 2012, because of his extreme lifestyle which made him extremely compromised. The stuff coming out is so nasty and the US agencies so much complicit that the world has to go through it. The DOJ and FBI no longer have the power to prosecute, to collect and report evidence to prevent that humanity has to do the investigation themselves. It is sad but the positive side is that all will come to surface. Before the CIA could decide what would be the consumed reality and what not. That is why so many had to live in a fake reality.

Now the corruption and blackmail of Hunter Biden is exposed, here you will find the self declared complicity of 50 and more of the highest ex intelligence officials.

The newest justice on the supreme court, Amy Coney Barrett just swore she will protect the constitution against foreign and domestic threats. We will see if she is able to save the constitution. If she rules Obama´s impeachment scam against Trump is not illegal, the United States constitution simply collapses in front of the eyes of the world. And there is no middle way, Western society has sunk too deep into the swamp of American Institutions and agencies. Europe is already paralized since the introduction of some kind of Union. 

Was Covid19 the last try to lockdown free populations and muzzle free speech? Nice try but freedom is forever, absolute and everywhere. No human will rule over humanity. When you play with the powers of God, His will be done. God bless and Godspeed.