If Barack Obama not arrested, convicted, the US constitution simply collapses.

Insiders, top notch intelligence. Rather sooner than later former President of the United States, Barack Obama is going to be arrested for treason. There is no return, it already is a political and legal checkmate. Explanation.

(+ update: start Clinton Foundation investigation)

More and more evidence comes to surface of the FBI treasonous setup to frame President Trump into a Russia collusion which would make him impeachable. The attempt failed miserably and the proof of treason is already with the Department of Justice, step by step released to the public. This is all part of a political game you might think, but The United States are already beyond that. If the actions of the Obama administration and of the democrats after the inauguration of Trump, stay without legal consequence, the constitution of the United States simply collapses. 

something ‘more damning’ coming amid FISA fallout

Then a presidency can illegally be attacked without consequence and therefore the presidency becomes an obsolete powerless statue and the United States constitution is gone.

The wheels of justice are already set in motion. If the treason and subversion displayed by the Obama administration goes without consequence, the burning down of the FBI, CIA and all the courthouses would be less of a crime against the constitution. All legal institutions will lose power instantly. It seems to be still a political fight, but legally it is already a powerplay and checkmate. The illegal operation of the Democrats and the Obama administration is already subversive to the constitution. They did not choose Trump as an opponent, they chose the constitution and a whole country to fight against. Nice try….

Attorney General Barr: The wheels of justice grind slow

The democrats and the criminal setup have already lost, unless they surpass the constitution and actually burn down courthouses. This is where the stirred revolting, looting, riots, killing and lockdown comes into place.

Rioters Attack More Than a Courthouse

The first FBI agents already start backtracking and realise what disastrous unfortunate political game they have set into motion.

FBI Agent Says ‘Get Trump’ Attitude Marred Mueller Probe

Trump can not lose, even if he loses the Presidency, the whole world is witness that the United States lost the constitution and therby a country with him too. Trump already questioned if the constitution survives when the treason goes unpunished, months ago. The wheels of justice might grind slow, but the hyve mind of politicians even slower.

Trump claims Obama committed ‘biggest political crime in American history’

What penalties to expect for treason?


Nothing can stop what is coming. Enjoy the show!