Corona virus not living up to its expectations

The pandemic was a very welcome tool to give the last boost to any legitimacy of government control in crumbling Western civilization. Unfortunately the masquerade fails miserably.

Everyone can see that western ideology based upon Imperialism, socialism of greed and capitalism is falling completely. Not as a joke. Everyone alive at this moment is witness to the West collapsing equal like the Roman empire or Ancient Egypt. There is no return. The parameters are already in place, it is a built-in design mistake. 

Either you look at the great amount of divorces and messed up family life, abortions, abuse or a complete political split between conservatives (right) and liberals, democrats (left), all are both sides of the same coin. Armed militias from both parties are entering the streets in the US. They are going to fight a civil war with absolute useless victims if you see the big picture. You can not even blame them nor pray for them. Awakening seems to come with casualties. God have mercy on their souls.  

Western governments know that they have failed and will not be able to keep the system going, they already know that since the 2008 financial breakdown and banking scheme bailout. For one very strange reason they could make the population believe that they saved the financial structure, but they did not. These governments have assets, the population, you are a tax number. State debts are the liabilities no one will ever be able to pay back. Next generations and children are pawn for the expenses of the decadent. Enslave the next generation and children to be pawns for the expenses of non existing money. It is not that people are needed as warranty, it is just what people have made themeselves believe. Printing money or create value has no limitations. The masses are figuring this out and the great reshuffle of assets and liabilities comes into play. Who owns and who owes is going to be a whole different kind of ball game. Enrichment out of politics is going to have a downside. Remember all the useless wars? Now its payback time. 

Again governments try to make the population believe that there is a pandemic and therefore there is an economic breakdown and therefore they are important to maintain good citizenship, control and suppression.

But the virus is not cooperating very well. All the statistics of the beginning with doom scenarios, have to be scaled back dramatically. There is simply not enough sick and dead to live up to the new invented rules and regulations for population control. And therefore the population goes out of control and Western governments lose control. Because everyone starts witnessing the masquerade behind the lockdown. 

Sometimes people think they are smart, but mainly driven by fear, greed, envy and the drive to suppress the other to feel better themselves. There is only one thing people can not control and that is freedom. Freedom of the universe. Freedom of the animals, freedom of the earth, freedom of the stars, the sun and the moon and freedom of humanity itself. No one will ever control that. Godspeed.