Dutch government the first to Covid-collapse in Europe?

Now the realisation arises that authority and control of governments of Western societies is crumbling, the Dutch government seems to be cracking first. Their insecurity, nervousness, fear and loss of control is causing panic decision making. Exactly as how a kind of prophecy started spreading nationwide, through watsapp a couple of days ago. Yesterday the Dutch government led by Prime Minister Mark Rutte had a press conference. They announced that the ´Kabinet´ is ready to listen to experts outside the OMT (Outbreak Management Team).

Dutch Prime Minister Outbreak Management Team losing the narritive, opening up to ´other´ experts. READ: can not control the mobs no longer.

What this means is that the Dutch government is losing the control and narritive over the free people of The Netherlands. After weeks of resistance and uproar, the Copied Covid Governmental narritive is no longer receptive to the Dutch population and people around the globe. In Australia a big change in conscience happened yesterday when the government arrested a pregnant woman who supported an anti lockdown protest.

Watch: Pregnant Aussie Mother Arrested for Allegedly ‘Inciting’ Coronavirus Lockdown Protest

In The Netherlands the government can no longer write out fines for people who have broken lockdown or Covid rules because the Minister of Justice has broken his own. Many legal cases have started.


Similar to how Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the House of Representatives, is breaking her own rules on the free people of America. Even CNN can not ignore.

Nancy Pelosi just handed Trump a campaign gift

It was about time that the world is going to experience an awakening in which freedom is breaking down unlegitimised power, authroity and control over the free people. There is no way back.

Enjoy the show!