Global shift in consciousness paralizes authorities and makes them go crazy.

Governments and authorities of Western civilisation are driven on control, division (left vs right) and subjegation of not only minorities, but majorities too. Poles are shifting, global consciousness is shifting, powers are shifting. This inevitably leads to a quantum perception when the narritive or perspective on reality is no longer part of concensus. Group thinking, behavior, narritive, common sense and sanity becomes volutile. The narritive is no longer protected or authorised. There is not much to worry about as violence, fear, division are all part of a consciousness structure which is part of Western civilisation, the only thing what can happen that this is changing and if it changes you get the opposite of it. The opposite of violence is peace. If society is driven by violance (supression) then the opposite will automatically occur, which is peace. Be ready for some peace. But realise only in darkness the light can break through.

Earth’s Magnetic North Pole Is Shifting Dramatically From A Powerful Tug Of War

Believe it or not, your distribution of this message will end Dutch Prime Minister Rutte’s presidency. Forward this message and it causes a visible panic and uncertainty with Prime Minister Rutte. As a result he can no longer function and will resign. At the moment there is an unprecedented resistance in Europe against the Corona virus measures and restrictions. In the Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy and other European countries, civilians, but also doctors, nurses and law enforcers revolt. The petitions, letters of fire and protests are starting to fill the newspapers and streets more and more. The Virus is real, the panic, fear, control and subjugation of the free population in Europe is fake. There is simply too much resistance and the oppression of freedom is no longer tolerated. Medical specialists are not at all insecure about the control of the virus. Rrestrictions of freedom driven by fear, panic and disruption is pushed through by government leaders out of madness. Public administrations have gone mad more than the population. Forward this message and you will see how fast it goes. Freedom spreads faster than a virus. Do not panic! Government leaders who thought they could enslave the people in a controlled and freedom-restricting society sooner or later fall and the light only shines through the darkness.

One might think there are so many insane people walking around. Killing each other, being (self) destructive, going nuts living in split dimensions and realities. Well have a look what is happening to the ´supposed to be sane´ governments and politicians. They can not keep up with their own narritives as the shifts are overhauling the realities they live in.

Enjoy the show!

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