Payback time for debt society!

We all know Western society is built upon debts. We all know there comes an end to borrowing money using next generations as pawns. 

The end to borrowing money started during the 2008 Western society bankruptcy and bankers bailout. After that, it was no longer easy or possible to borrow money from a bank. Older generations in the West were able to borrow money in larger amounts and with finer rates than the generation now. People could finance their wealthy lifestyle bigger and better in terms of money than the generation now. They could do so because Western society gave itself the privilege to borrow money and make debts, to be paid for by tax money of following generations of taxpayers. 

Warren Buffett sheds big stakes in banks and goes for the gold

Western society is not only built upon imperialism and slavery. Money is spent and luxurious lifestyles lived, because next generations and children are used as pawns. Imperialism not only outwardly towards other societies but also inwardly towards their own coming generations.

There comes a moment, you could say a flipping point, when a new generation is realising this. They realise they will never be able to borrow money for the same luxurious privileged lifestyle. All of this wealth will be consumed in lesser quality and quantity, because the previous generation took it for themselves and took it from the next generation using them as pawns. Think about healthcare, pensions, housing, space and time etc. On one hand people know they are using their own children as pawns, if they do and on the other hand if governments keep giving the people money, they realise money keeps coming for free. Equal for free as how it came to the bankers in the bailout frenzy, so why would one pay tax?

The only thing governments of Western society can do is pretend they are stupid and have no idea, but then mob rule starts. Or let crime flourish, which is already happening on a large scale, public prosecution is just for a little entertainment, because everyone knows that the real crime of fake society is committed by Western governing itself. Remember all the fake self initiated wars abroad? Or admit failure, but then authorities become subject to public lynching, society scatters into tribalism, most likely. Never forget that the way of freedom is always open.

Either way it is great fun to see society crumble. One, because injustice can be undone, Two, hidden evil comes to surface. And last but not least freedom thrives again. Want to feel how the Romans felt when Roman empire crumbled. Now it is the turn to Western society. It is not getting started, there is already no way back since a long time. 

And because the direction of society is a dead end you will no longer find any political, financial and social consensus in the West. The era of segregation, separation, resistance, opposition, dispute and conflict arises. Prayers to the ones who can not see and end up in civil war.