Anarchy or Slavery.

Western society is coming to end, chosing civil war or insanity?

It is obvious that Wetsern civilization is ending now and for a very simple reason. This society is built upon imperialism. Colonists scoured the planet to take whatever they wanted and subjugate societies, cultures and countries. The most aggressive form of it was to enslave the people from the countries taken, Western society just took goods and people. In this way the West is built upon enslavement. The richness and financial power advantage comes out of suppressing the other. Many say that slavery is abolished. This sounds quite plausible when you know that Western governments have in their constitution slavery is forbidden.

The Wests´imperialism, a policy of extending a country’s power and influence through colonization, use of military force, or other means, is still alive. And not the chaos and violence, the West brought to Irak, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, etc and many places , is meant. It is the imperialistic oppressive nature of Western society which is now turning inwards. No longer can the West expand outwardly as a distraction, so now it becomes obvious it was also implemented inwardly all the time. The West is built upon debts. Governments have spent and created a society by borrowing money with the next generations and children as pawns who eventually will make up for the debts. Can you imagine that some realise this since the day they were born. Knowing that this society ends, knowing that the foundation built upon is compromised, manipulated, corrupted, finite and collapses.

Imperialism by Wikipedia

This debt society no longer functions. Newborns, new generations and the youth are rising up and will no longer be used as pawns. If bankers got their bailouts, then now we all can have our bailouts. People realise the value of money is volutile and does not represent any power anymore. If they can have it, we can have it. The balancing out of assets and liabilities will not stop and is inevitable. And in this case people will find out that the governments and authorities are operating out of the liability side. People will also realise that they have been used as a liability for authorities to borrow more money. This is turning around now. You will see authorities will lose power rapidly and people themselves will be the asset, more powerful than the money behind a crashing society.

The limitations of Western Civilization are reached. Similar to the downfall of the Roman empire, The Maya culture, the Egyptians or Genghis Khan. It is over and no one will be able to revive it again. Do not make the mistake to think that past experimented ideologies as socialism, communism and fascism will come into place. The proven flaws will not be accepted. But there are individuals and groups who will try to implement these ideologies until they simply turn out to be spin offs of Western Civilization itself.

First one has to realise that Western Civilization is coming to an end, is ending and has ended, before the doors of freedom are opening again. If this is not accepted then simply one can choose between anarchy including chaos, violence, and suppression or keep being enslaved including, suspicion, insanity, imprisonment and subjection. Either way Western society loses. Either way the people fighting against authority and the ones defending authority of Western civilization lose.

There is freedom, Freedom always has been. But for freedom now, eyes have to be opened and realised that the structure, the system, the ideology, the conviction, the religion of Western society is finished.