Quantum computing and re-awakening.

So it is like this with Quantum Computing. Until now assumed by the masses, computer language is build with bits, 0 and 1 symbols alone. Leading to combinations called bytes, which in turn give instructions to the computer to process. The computer reads the combinations. The computer uses time to process the given instructions. The computer reads from top to bottom or left to right. It is done in a time frame and in a space frame following a line or structure of symbols.

Mechanical processing is taking place chronologically. Super processors do it faster. In Quantum Computing the combinations of 0 and 1´s are read at once. The scanner or computer reads the bytes all at once as looking at a painting or a photo. It takes place without processing, without a time span. Time disappears.

The most interesting part is that humans already have the capability to do the same as the Quantum Computer. We can already observe and take in data without processing. Actually processed computing is slowing down the consumption of observations, because of the build in time frame. Therefore (fake) news is always (too) late compared to instant observation, communication or realisation and leaves time to manipulate data to the fastest processor, but it is never truely accurate.

Elon Musk predicts people won’t have to talk in 10 years because they’ll be able to use an alien-like mind language to communicate without words.

Funny that Quantum Computing communicates with humans or humanity without a time frame, without a space frame even. Quantum Computing activates communication with humans, between humans without a medium. Humans have always done so. It doesn´t matter how many people or who reads this article. The data of who and how many read this article, is part of chronologic computing built upon 1 and 0 symbols and only real in time frame processing. Getting hits becomes obsolete. The ones who read this article and are operating in the same quantum communication as described in this article, don´t need a computer or communication built upon 0 and 1 symbol processing to realise this. This communication already existed before the first chronologic computers were built. Actually Quantum Computing already excisted before Microsoft was launched. Quantum perception technological imporovements will not bring humanity closer or faster to Quantum relisation. It will only bring humanity to the realisation that Quantum realisation already existed before any technological improvement.

Humanity always had the capacity of Quantum communication. It is actually chronoliogic information technology, which is causing a delay and slows down communication and realisation. It is chronologic computer technology which brought limitations to consciousness and therefore manipulated behavior. People can think they are on top of reality with all these social media, but it is actually the opposite. They are kept in a manipulated reality and within the limitations of space and time frame thinking. It is direct cause to dispute, seperation, opposition and conflict in Western society itself. Soon people of Western civilisation realise that the conflict is no longer a conflict with tribes, societies or countries outside, The conflict is within. The ones who know this, and soon everyone will realise it again, can not be manipulated into conflict by the news or politics. The perception of life becomes instant again. from a Quantum perspective, the covid 19 pandemic can be seen as a painting or a photo. The cause, outcome, result, effect, cure, change to society can be seen instantly and completely. All what is communicated in the news and politics around the pandemic is late, manipulated with conflict and does not come from somewhere and does not lead to something. It is just the result of inner conflict of not realising Quantum observation or realisation.

Because in Quantum perception time disappears, moments or happenings in time which are supposed to have impacted human consciousness become obsolete. For example, in the US there is a big culture revolution going on regarding the resistance to slavery, which the American society is assumed to be built upon. While slavery in Western society is still taking place. Human conscience as part of Western society is concerned about happenings like slavery taking place in the past, while slavery is actually still taking place. In time perception and communication these concerns can only lead to inner conflict of not coming to terms with what is communicated. If you are occupied with concerns about slavery in the past, you can not be concerned about slavery taking place now. Conflict arises and destruction of reality (riots, looting, violance, destruction) takes place. Innerly the core perception of life is formed by Quantum observation. People start realising (again and again) that news and politics are of manipulated character resulting in social self destruction and paranoid.

A vast group of humans never lost the ability, capacity and realisation of quantum communication and observation. They kept communicating with and without chronologic information technology. In this article the word Quantum can be explained as energetic radiation without the conscience possibility to manipulate. For example an earthquake is taking place as a Quantum energetic happening, Then the reporting can vary like 100 people or 105 people died. It took place 10 seconds after 5 or 15 seconds after 5. The impact lasted for several weeks or several months. A pandemic like covid 19 strikes humanity, which is a Quantum energetic radiation. The politics and manipulation of human behaviour through media about covid 19 is happening without Quantum realisation. It is still taking place but in a time frame of what had to be done and what should be done. This always comes late and therefore has no reality and it all becomes absolete. It looks like it matters in time perception, but it does not matter what people think about it. What one thinks about for example fascism, has no impact on the reality of the covid 19 pandemic, etc, etc. What Dr. Fauci thinks about how to deal with Covid 19 has nothing to do with the virus or pandemic, only about how people can manipulate people.

The Secret Lives of Memes

Quantum computing will come, it actually already is. There are already many forms of how quantum computing is infiltrating chronologic computing, it overhauls the processing of 0´s and 1´s computer language. Many can see, even though the masses seem to blind, more and more are waking up. Proof to the masses that they have lived in an artificial reality of manipulated time and space perception is inevitable. Nothing to worry about it is great fun. Nothing can stop what is coming, because what is coming already is now.