Center for Reflection and Contemplation on the ending of Western Civilization.

Western Civilization as it is financially, politically, legally and socially organised, is ending right now. Even though violent conflict in the form of wars is decreasing, the Western World is divided through competition, conflict, dispute, resistance, separation and opposition. It is part of Western Civilization which is build upon a foundation of competition for lowest costs and maximum financial gain leading to slavery and claims and possesion of natural resources. As well as on imperialism, the rule of one human over another.

It is part of a global awakening and shift in human conscience. Realising Western Civilization ends, does not mean socialism, communism and or other ideologies are coming into place. Many ideologies already have proven flaws. What is replacing Western Civilization is of no concern. Just the realisation Western Civilization ends and does not have to be kept afloat by force or hard work, is part of an enlightenment and or liberation.

Society or group behavior does not necessarily lead to peace, freedom and happiness (see examples of communism, fascism and catholicism) but can drift away and move towards finite experience and projection. In this way civilizations are or can be self destructive. In the inner individual world of conscience and consciousness always lies the core of potential disconnection of thought and belief patterns and to reset and restart.   

At the CRCWC we present and offer awareness to support regeneration and awakening for strength, determination and persistence in letting go of concepts and conditioned behavioral patterns and expectations towards Western Civilization. Not by opposing or fighting against forces or authority controlling and ruling society but by showing all people can approach life from a source of no conflict.

Center for Reflection and Contemplation on the ending Western Civilization (CRCWC).

The center is organising international gatherings where the subject described above, is discussed and approached in a question and answering setting. Main speakers representing the organisation as well as guest speakers in the field of an awareness towards a shift in global consciousness, will lead the open interactive talks. Together we support a grid of realisation upon which difficulties and challenges regarding a changing world become seen through, obvious and of great relief. 

All the best and looking forward to meet on this very interesting subject..

M. Muyres

Representative of the CRCWC