The end of Twitter/Facebook mind control.

Trump announced to remove key protection for online platforms regulated under section 230. This protection more or less means that social media platforms are protected by law when users spread unlawfull, false or criminal information.

But Twitter and Facebook have become a political player and started to promote or censor stuff they like or don’t like. More and more conservative speech censored, liberal speech promoted. All fine as a private company you would say. and it is true…

But here it comes, as Trump is not the favorite president of the CEO’s and their moderating teams. They started to flag and now even censor the President of the United States.

Twitter removes Trump campaign tribute to George Floyd.

But they do not censor for example ANTIFA promotion, which since the George Floyd revolt designated a terrorist organisation. And or state controlled propaganda by Iran and China which in both countries the use of Twitter and Facebook is forbidden.

Since Trumps’ push to remove the 230 key protection, because American conservative political viewpoints are censored, the platforms are exposed of getting themselves into shady political atmospheres. Facebook now threatens to take down state sponsored content from the Trump administration, which is ok for a private company. What they apparently did not see coming that by doing so become the no1 state propaganda machine for China in the West. And this is going to be a bit hard to swallow for the US which still claims to be the most free country in the world. So Mark now starts censoring China as a compromise.

And now the Chinese getting angry at Mark Zuckerberg.

Twitter and Facebook made their daily routine into censoring Trump and its allies, but end up in dealing with censoring undemocratic regimes, criminal organisations promoting violence and destruction. They thought to be the thought police, now got stuck in the middle of geopolitical information warfare. And the people using the platforms start realising how they have been fooled and indoctrinated.

To Twitter and Facebook the opposite is becoming true. Instead of being platforms of free speeh they become now heavily moderated and censored platforms. Good luck with that, a failed thought police machine after all. And then the world of free speech is being paved for a whole new platform and this is Please read about the concept here.

Good luck guys.