Why Trump does not play martial law?

When a country is under siege by looting, destruction and revolt, you could say why not initiate Martial law so the national guard can take over? Its plain simple if you know the players on the board. There are forces against Trump who wish he would start Martial law. but not yet…

Strategic moves.

  1. The second amendment, the right to carry firearms, becomes the only way to protect oneself. Civilians, shop and business owners, and peaceful protesters realise now immediately, that the streets of states with weak governors who do not stop the aggression, have become very unsafe. Governors are telling their law enforcement to step down to allow protests. but insurgents have taken over and civilians are at risk. People have already been killed, police officers have been shot and killed.
  2. Minorities realising they have become pawns for an underground not so hidden political agenda. The whole uprise against racism and police brutality became absolut irrelevant when the use of minorities for a political agenda and violence against civilians by protestors is taking place. The next step is that minorities realise they are being used as pawns.
  3. Not ruling Martial law keeps the Department of Justice in place to investigate the fake russia collusion and fake impeachment. Trump almost had to endure the same faith as George Floyd. The fake impeachment only took place to suffocate and ´kill´a duly elected president of a assumably righteous democracy. The difference between Trump and Floyd is that Trump took on the armor of God before he ran for president. he knew that undemocratic forces where in place who would try to kill the presidency. Floyd did not have a chance against police brutality and was murdered in front of the world watching. May he rest in peace.
  4. Behind this all plays the chess game between white hats and black hats. only a matter of time the world of main stream media finds out, because in the underground information and intelligence gathering all is already right in the open. what previously was only known to secret agents has become public to millions and it is only just begun.